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How does HR add value to a startup company?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

HR is one of the most important and one of the most expensive resources in any company. To work without a professional human resources specialist is just like to pay for an expensive machine which you do not use fully. Very often the key for successful business are employees – satisfied employees in their right places. To work with HR and to be responsible for HR is like playing chess – to win and to get the best results, you must see the full scope, you must have plan A, plan B and even plan Z. From an HR management perspective, it is important, especially in a startup company, first to think about 3 main things:

1. HR Strategy (How many employees will the company need, what kind of professional skills and experience they should possess)

2. Team Spirit (What kind of personalities can reach company’s business goals; how will company mission, vision and values collaborate with each employee’s individual values)

3. Engagement (To receive good performance results from the employees, the company must think how to engage and how to motivate their employees, how to raise loyalty for the company).

This is all HR professional's responsibility, because your business can transfer from a startup station to high business effectiveness only if you have the right employees fully engaged in your company’s life, with clear goals and motivation.

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