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You don't know where to continue your studies?

You want to build your professional experience, but don't know where to start?

After long experience in one field you want to change something, but don't know where to realize yourself professionally in the future? 

YES, we can help you!                                                                              

Opportunities for professional growth


We will find answers and solutions together for strong foundations for professional growth. 

  • Where to continue studies?            
    For final grade students - consultations and professional recommendation plan. 

  • Where and how to gain experience? 
    Tips, where to start getting work experience,  and how to leave impression on a potential employer.

  • How to write  a  CV and cover letter?
    We advise and make it together.

Image by Agence Olloweb


We help to find answers and provide advice.

  • Career plan - Opportunity identification, consultation and structured career plan preparation

  • Brilliant portfolio - Consultation and practical advice for writing a CV and cover letter.

  • Personal image in interviews - Tips on how to show yourself in all kinds of job interviews to make the result successful.



We will analyze your previous work experience,  and future directions of professional realization.

  • When you don' t know what to do - 
    We will draw a map of your professional jungle, finding common answers, identifying existing skills, desires and future goals.  

  • Work routine -Tips, how not to get lost in daily routine and keep the passion to get the things done.                          

  • Your personal  image -  How to leave impression on your  employer? Analysis of your current  personal image and advice, how to change it for best.


Let's figure out what your date of birth tells about you from perspective of Statistical numerology.

  • Secret of birth date
    There is a lot of information behind your date of birth. We will reveal  your birth date secrets and what it tells about you.

  • Deeper in your personality            
    We will help you to identify your strengths, your professional potential and personality traits, and what is necessary for your growth and support, so you could be even more successful and happier in your life. 

  • Use your numbers clever         
    When you find the keys we will help you find ways to use them wisely, to improve synergy between people surrounding you,-  your partner in life, your children, your colleagues. How to find a job that gives you satisfaction, and many other tips on how to improve your life aspects in a conscious way.


To be aware, to develop and improve together with professionals!

Contact us 

Tel: +371 22522052

Adress - Latvia, Riga, Skandu str.7

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