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Meet The Team


Elīna Stalaža

Owner - HR Business Partner

Strategic view of personnel management in the HR 'chess field' and persistent work from plan to result.

What impact does HR management have on business development? - In my career suitcase, I have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in HR management and for me there is no doubt that it is very important to work strategic with HR related issues and you always need to have plan A, plan B and even plan Z.

HR is one most expensive and one of the most sensitive resources within any company. To let employees just flow inside the company and somehow do their daily duties - it is like to buy an expensive tool, but before start using it, you don't read the manual, therefor you don't know how to use it fully.

Knowing your team, to take care of employees and think about their well-being in daily bases - it's a must have for a successful company, to be able to achieve the best results in business.

We are here to help - understand the priorities of HR in your company, find the best solutions, build up your dream team, think about employee engagement and well-being, find compromise between wishes and possibilities.

I am convinced that the basis for successful mutual cooperation in any company and work environment is its employees, therefore in addition to working with companies, we help and support future and existing professionals individually in career development consultations.

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Marta Ortega de los Reyes

Personality and team compatibility expert

The right questions, ability to look for solutions and listen always help to find answers.

What is the significance of human synergy in the work environment? If the group understands how works synergy, the results and power come with it. Clear knowledge about human synergy can make a huge impact to develop and create amazing things, reach magnificent goals and create beautiful visions. Deliberate synergy is the magic key for significance impact to the work environment and the speed how the group is moving further.


Our values


High level of professionalism in everything we do.


Improvement and support on the way to growth.


Customized approach, original solutions.


Eyes gleaming for all we do.


A respectful collaboration and cooperation.

Our Mision

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To be a mediator between the employer and the employee - providing sustainable, high-quality and individually tailored personnel management services with a result - a productive work environment, high human resource efficiency and achieved business goals for our clients.

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